Fall & Halloween Perfume

Fall & Halloween Perfume

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5ml Perfume 


Coconut oil, rice bran oil and jojoba oil.


Aged Oak Barrel Cider~

A medley of apples brewed in an oak barrel with spices of cinnamon, allspice and nutmeg, vanilla beans and dark brown sugar.



 Apple Butter Rum~

Aged oak barrel Rum, assorted apples of MacIntosh and Granny, homespun sugar, allspice, cinnamon and a pinch of clove.



Autumnal Equinox~

Damp Earth, Maple Leaves, Peru Balsam, Oak, Tupelo Honey, Maple Sugar, Wildflower Honey, Crisp Apples.



Autumn Heirloom~

Crisp Anjou pears, tart red pomegranates, heirloom roses, Granny Smith apples, red cassis, fresh honeycomb and sun dried corn husk.



Bat Crazy~

Sour Grapes, Bitter Haystacks, Black Patchouli, Sweet Sandalwood and Blood Red Cedar.




Blackberry Hill~

Dried Leaves, Rotting Blackberries, Black Amber, Apricot Preserves, Jasmine Leaf Tea, Black Honey, Dried Fig, White Chocolate, Dried Gardenia Petals and Freshly Baked Bread.



Black Cat~

Blood oranges and tooth achingly sweet marshmallows.



Black Pumpkin~ 

Rotting pumpkins, Indian Sandalwood, dustings of Dark Cocao, a hint of nutmeg and black pepper.


Candy Corn~

A ribbon of yellow, orange and white sugary sweet treat that comes around only once a year. Buttery maple vanilla, almond extract, sugar.



Coyote Red~

Bamboo, Cypress, Night Blooming Orange Blossoms, Moroccan Rose, Desert Willow, Chaparral, Red Amber, Mysore and Smoky Vanilla.



Creamed Pumpkin Galette~

Brown buttered crust, creamy pumpkin filling, hints of spices, blended into a creamy frozen treat.



Dead Autumn~

Dead leaves blown off after the last autumn storm, fresh dirt, sap moss and rotting mulch.


Full Moon Brew~

Spiked cider, fresh squeezed oranges, ginger ale, star anise and a touch of sweet patchouli.




Tobacco absolute, rotting pumpkin flesh, aged patchouli and oakmoss. 



Ghosts of Deathly Manor~

Dripping Wax Candles, Whispers of Golden Apples, Frankincense Tears and Ghostly White Oaks.



Ghosts Orbs~

Kettle corn balls covered in marshmallow cream with hints of pumpkin pie.



Ghost Pie~

Buttered crust, heavy cream, dark French chocolate, aged rum, caramelized sugar and a touch of maple leaf.



Ghoulish Grin~

Orange spiced cider donut holes covered in cinnamon sugar.



 Halloween Pin Up~

Caramel Chews, Jack o' Lanterns, Chocolate Candy Bars of all assortments, Bat Wings and Crows Feet.



Harvest Porridge~

Hot Buttered Oats, Sweet Cream Butter, Apple Pecan, Maple Syrup and Brown Sugar.



Haunted Mansion~ 

Dead Honeysuckle Vines, Withered Violets, Rotting Blackberry Bushes, Crystallized Webs of Amber, a Decaying Beehive and parched 200 year old trees.



Headless Horseman~

Crisp apples, sweet hay, butternut squash, lumina pumpkins, wicked spices, honey tangerine, woods, vanilla pods.



Ichabod Crane~

Wool Coat, Leather Boots, Amber Resin, Woodsmoke and Fir Needle.



Madame Violca’s Midnight Carnival~

Crisp cotton, creme roses, white asiatic lilies, black cashmere, dark amber and aged patchouli.



Pretty Red Apple~

Blood red apple, caramel crystals and a sprinkling of black pepper.



Pumpkin Brulee~ 

Warm pumpkin brulee, aged vanilla pods, burnt sugar.



Pumpkin Butter~ 

Heirloom pumpkins, fresh apple cider, homespun sugar, Vermont maple syrup, roasted pecans, with ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg.



Pumpkin Cake Pops~ Yellow cake blended with pumpkin pie spices, cream cheese frosting and encased in a candy coating with sprinkles on top.



Pumpkin Cheesecake~

 Pumpkin puree, sweet potato, graham cracker crust, a swig of grandma's rum, cream cheese, autumnal spices, French vanilla beans, and a huge dollop of whipped cream.



Pumpkin Floss~

Pumpkin puree, cotton candy and blackberry juice



Pumpkin Honey~ 

The last of Autumns Harvested Honey drizzled over pumpkin butter, last winters Maple Syrup and touches of Autumnal Spices.



Pumpkin Lager~ 

A frothy brown ale with an intense amount of fall spices that includes cinnamon, nutmeg and cardamom, sweetened with toffee, candied yams and pumpkin puree, and a nutty, wheat finish. 



Pumpkin King~

Glowing Pumpkins, Honey Butter, Autumnal Spices, Beeswax Candles and rotting Citrus.



Pumpkin Lavender~ 

Dried Bulgarian Lavender, Fresh Sweet Cream, Dark Molasses, Autumnal Spices, Raw Pumpkin Flesh.



Pumpkin Regal~




Pumpkin Rooibos Tea~

Pureed pumpkin, red rooibos tea, sunflower petals, sweet cream and French vanilla. 



Pumpkin Rum Cake~ Pumpkin cake drenched in spiced rum.



Falls last pickings juicy peaches, heirloom honeyed pumpkin, sweet cream, molasses, mysterious spices roasted chestnuts.




Damp Woods, Sprouting Mushrooms, Decaying Leaves of Rust & Gold, Autumnal Woods, Chilly Autumn Wind, Dark Patchouli and Mullein Leaves.



Sleepy Hollow~

Deathly White Pumpkins, Moss Covered Woods, Dark Vanilla, Rotted Cranberries and just a hint of Aged Leather.



Soul Cakes~

Velvet vanilla, butterscotch, butter sugar cookies, black currants and wild berries.


Spider Silk~



Tainted Pumpkin~

Warm creamed pumpkin, herbaceous sage and thyme, hints of autumnal spices, Macintosh apples and coconut milk.


The Pumpkin Head Girls~ 

Crimson Pumpkins, Marshmallow Goo, crystallized Maple Sap, Rotting Leaves, Moss covered Logs. 



Visions of Autumn~

Heirloom pumpkins, dead leaves, tangy pomegranates and green figs.



When Bats Fly By~ 

Rustic barnwood, maple wood, dying oak, agarwood, musky amber and incense.



White Witch~

Blood red pomegranates, amber honey, Salvadorean vetiver and Somalian myrrh.



Witch's Hats~

Green colored cupcakes with hints of green amber and rotting woods, orange buttercream topped off with black licorice gumdrops.



Zombie Girl~

Blood red cherries, blood oranges, deathly white pumpkin and crimson pomegranates.



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