Blackwood Sugar Perfume Oil

Blackwood Sugar Perfume Oil

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Blackwood Sugar
Sara Brighton was a beautiful, Victorian woman from Blackwood, Wales. The owner of a very well known confectionary. Her confectionaries were loved by everyone in the town. She was even more well known for her very special sugar blend she called Blackwood Sugar.
Recently engaged and to be married very soon, she was out one day shopping for flowers with her sister Francine for her upcoming nuptials.
After a long day of smelling, sorting and adoring flowers of all sorts, they decided to go out for a cup of afternoon tea. As they walked by tea shops window, she noticed someone very familiar. She took a second glance and there she see's her fiancee, Thomas, holding another woman's hand, leaning in and kisses her. 
Her heart sank, she turned away and ran off, her sister Francine chasing after her. Not knowing what happened, Francine called after her. Once she caught up to her she saw the look in her eyes and immediately knew what had happened. "I'm so sorry Sara", she said with affinity. "Thomas" Sara whispers in anger.
Sara ran to her confectionary shop she had closed earlier in the day. Her sister running in behind her. Sara grabs her secret blend of Blackwood Sugar and frantically looks for something else. Francine keeps asking her "what are you doing?". 
Then, at that moment, she sees Sara grab a bottle of arsenic. Francine panics and tries to grab it from her. "What are you going to do with that?!", fearing Sara wanted to kill herself. "You'll see" says Sara. Then Francine knew what Sara was going to do. "I'll help you" Francine tells her sister.
Later that evening Sara's fiancee Thomas returns and hands her a bouquet of flowers while gently kissing her on the cheek. "Lovely" Sara says in a monotone. "What's wrong my love?" says Thomas, "Oh nothing dear", again in a flat monotone. "Let me pour you a cup of tea" she says. Francine runs over and greets Thomas. "Hello Francine", "Hello Thomas" she said coldly.
"Would you like some sugar with that?" says Francine. Before Thomas could answer, Sara quips "I'll get it!". 
"You know how much I love your Blackwood Sugar Sara", says Thomas. "I know" says Sara, "that's why I made a special batch just for you". "Special, for me?!" says Thomas. "Yes my dear, this one is all yours". "In that case, an extra spoonful please!". And so she did.
As she walked over to the other end of the table, towards the door, she hears him begin to choke, calling her name he falls to the floor. Francine becomes worrisome and starts to run over but Sara stops her. Francine turns back and they walk out, leaving him to die.



Blackstrap Molasses, Maple Wood, Black Fig, Oakwood Absolute, Benzoin, Brown Sugar and a dollop of Sweet Potato.


Coconut oil, rice bran oil and jojoba oil, proprietary blend of fragrance and essential oils.


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