Fall & Halloween Perfumes 2

Fall & Halloween Perfumes 2

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5ml Perfume 


Coconut oil, rice bran oil and jojoba oil.


Autumn Embers~

Pink lady apple, peach nectar, jasmine petals, gilded apricot, blue sage, cocoa powder, white patchouli, golden amber and sweet musk.



Sweet hay, fresh from the hive honeycomb, harvest oats, dark molasses and a drop of labdanum.


Gold Cashmere~

Golden Peaches, juicy Apricot, White Sandalwood, Southern Gardenia, Tonka Bean, sweet Blackberry and Plum, White Patchouli Flowers, Oudh Accord, Caramel and Cashmere Musk.


November, the Death of Autumn~

Snow, leaves, douglas fir, maple wood, oak wood, rotting blackberries, mushroom and a wisp of smoke.


October Woods~

Cool air, hues of gold, auburn and burnt orange leaves, juicy apples of all sorts, simmering orange rinds, maple wood and a touch of cinnamon.


December Nights~

Vanilla orchid, snow white rose, green cardamom, tonka bean, sandalwood, dark chocolate, patchouli, winter spices.


Pumpkin Spice Latte~

In honor of the famous drink, we decide to blend our own pumpkin spice latte to drool over.

Sweet pumpkin pie with just the right amount of brown sugar and spices, freshly brewed espresso and a dollop of whipped cream.



Meyer lemons, whipped meringue, yellow butter cake, fresh pomegranate juice topped off with fresh Alaskan cranberries.


Blackwood Sugar~

Blackstrap Molasses, Maple Wood, Black Fig, Oakwood Absolute, Benzoin, Brown Sugar and a dollop of Sweet Potato.


Pumpkin Woods~

(Part of our Woods Collection, first introduced in 2011; not to be confused with another big name candle and body company)

Blended with the same wet woods* original blend from Debaucherous Bath.

Sweet pumpkin, rich buttercream, maple wood, oak wood, traces of pine cones all baked in a fire of smoldering wet woods.


Orange Woods~

Rotting oranges, balsam, winter woods, lemon zest, fresh thyme, French lavender, muted incense and wet woods.


Apple Woods~

Honeycrisp Apples, Crisp Anjou Pear, Guiacwood and Cedar, the Seasons First Frost, Olibanum and Autumns Last Delicate Rose.




Sweet hay, white birch, black vanilla, heirloom pumpkin, cherry tobacco, dark molasses, burnt sugar and red amber.







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